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Explore Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. Discover the Best Tours and Excursions on Land.

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Explore Unique Tours and activities in Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Lobos island

Duration 8 Hours

Fuerteventura Panoramic Island Tour

See the sights of Fuerteventura on a small group tour. Go to the Sacred Mountain in Tindaya. Stop for a coffee on the terrace of Morro Velosa. Trek around the canyon of La Presa de la Peñita. See the black sand beaches of Ajuy and much more.

From: 60 Euro
Duration 8 Hours

Fuerteventura Grand Tour

 Explore the island of Fuerteventura on this full-day tour. Discover the picturesque villages, endless beaches, and turquoise waters of this beautiful island.

From: 60 Euro
All Inclusive*
Duration 6 Hours and 30min.

From Fuerteventura: Marina and Market Tour to Lanzarote

Explore Marina Rubicon, with a busy Market, trendy boutiques, bars & restaurants. Then sail along the Coastline & anchor off Papagayo Beach, buffet lunch is served on board.

From: 44 Euro
Duration: 45 Minutes

Fast Ferry to Lanzarote

Fancy visiting Lanzarote & the Fabulous Artisan Market in Marina Rubicon? Price is for a round trip.

From: 35 Euro
FuerteCharter Taxi 3.jpg
Duration 15 min.

From Fuerteventura: Lobos Water Taxi

Visit the Lobos Natural Park Island with this round-trip ferry ticket. Discover beautiful inland landscapes and crystal-clear beaches in a unique protected natural area.

From: 15 Euro
Duration 5 Hours

From Fuerteventura: Lobos E-Bike Tour

Enjoy a unique adventure in Fuerteventura, discovering Lobos Island by land and sea. Travel to the island by catamaran and then explore this natural paradise with state-of-the-art E-bikes.

From: 75 Euro
DUne Buggy 2.jpg
Duration 3 Hours

Fuerteventura: Dune Buggy Tour

Discover the spectacular landscapes in northern Fuerteventura in a PGO 600 buggy. Enjoy driving on and off road, with the island's best buggies. You will spend 80 percent of this 3-hour tour off road.

From: 79pp Euro
or 99euro for 2 People
Image by Annie Spratt
Duration 3 Hours & 30Min.

Fuerteventura: Dune Buggy & Camel Tour

Enjoy a unique dune buggy tour followed by a lunch in the Volcanic area. After you will experience a dreamed from many Camel ride.

   From: 119pp Euro
   or 129 Euro for 2 People
Volcano Express, Fuerteventura
Duration 8 Hours 

From Fuerteventura to Lanzarote: Volcano Express 

A Guided Tour of the Volcano National Park with spectacular demonstration. Enjoy a glass of wine in the wince region, visit El Golfo and the unique Green Lagoon. Travel past the rugged coast of Los Hervideros and visit and Aloe Vera Museum.

   From: 49 Euro

Fuerteventura North : Coast 2 Coast 

With this spectacular tour you will be able to discover perfectly round volcanoes, visit a typical Bohemian village of Lajares. Explore El Cotillo, the sand dunes and the Aloe Vera Museum.

Duration 8 Hours 
   From: 55 Euro

Cotilo, Fuerteventura: Jeep Safari Tour

A fascinating adventure jeep safari, discover northern fuerteventura 4x4 you will see the volcanoes, pristine beaches, the famous mountain of Tindaya.

Duration 6 Hours 
   From: 59 Euro

Cofete,Fuerteventura: Jeep Safari Tour

Our 4x4 vehicles will show us the "Jandia Peninsula" natural park, and the wonderful beach "Cofete", considered the most beautiful beach in Spain.

Duration 6 Hours 
   From: 68 Euro

Fuerteventura: Canam Spyder Tour

Can Am Spyder Tours organizes exclusive tours
with Can Am Spyder F 3 s and Daytona 500.

Duration 3 Hours
   From: 158 Euro

Corralejo: Segway Tour

Take a Segway experience, gliding through the fabulous landscape of the north shore of Fuerteventura as you admire its astonishing views of the ocean, Lanzarote and Lobos Island.

Duration 2 Hours 
   From: 30 Euro

Fuerteventura: E-Bike Tour Ring Of Fire

  • Climb to the crater of the Volcanoe!

  • Meet the local chipmunks, goats and various birds of prey

  • Visit Lajares and enjoy the best coffee

  • Cruise along the ocean and watch the surf

  • Visit Majanicho, A small authentic fishing village

Duration 3 Hours 
   From: 49 Euro

Fuerteventura: E-Bike Tour Coast to Coast

  • Ride trough a volcanic landscape

  • Visit Lajares and enjoy the best coffee

  • Ride trough an empty riverbed

  • Visit a Aloe Vera farm

  • Exciting decents*

  • Visit the lighthouse of EL Cotillo

Duration 4 Hours 
   From: 65 Euro

Fuerteventura: Gran Valle to Cofete Trekking

A Route between the most impressive natural monuments of Canary Islands. Starting from Morro Jable's Harbour we will continue to a medium level trekking route which is the most challenging on the island.

Duration: Full Day
   From: 59 Euro

Fuerteventura: Pico De la Zarza Trekking

   From: 59Euro

The Zarza's peak, 807 meters high, dominates the entire island and we will get there together.​

Duration: Full day



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